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Install Wireless Remote Control Sockets To Save On Energy Bills

Baldr comes up with some of the best home electronic products that can further enhance the lifestyle for a comfortable living. The company was started in the year 2015 and within no time, Baldr has become a household name for their innovative products in different categories that are very much useful to enhance the quality of your life. The company has introduced a range of products like clocks, weather stations, thermometers, bath series, kitchen series and also power sockets that make your life easy. You can find the remote control power socket as one such product that is very much useful for everyone to have in their homes. These wireless remote control sockets have been designed and constructed in an innovative manner that allows one to switch on or off the power sockets with just pressing a button on the remote control. This allows you to control the plug-in electronic devices without the necessity of moving from your place and across the room with the help of the remote control. You can use this remote control to turn on or off the lights without moving an inch. Similarly, you can also control hard to reach appliances by simply pressing the remote control.
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This remote control power socket can be operated by code learning and matching with each remote control matching to 4 channel sockets. Each socket can also be controlled by a maximum of five remotes. This also helps to reduce the extra standby power by switching off the sockets with the help of the remote that surely saves your energy bills. There is also a red light indictor on the sockets for power on status for you to check. The remote control power socket working voltage is within the range of 125 VAC 60HZ and current range of 125VAC 10A. The maximum power of the socket is 1250W and standby power is less than or equal to 50mW. The remote control works from a maximum distance of 30 meters without any RF disturbance and in a transmission frequency of 433.92MHz. You can also go through the manual to find the working temperature of the device and storage temperature so that you maintain the same for long lasting results. The remote control can be operated with 2xAAA battery.
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You can buy this wonderful product from Amazon online store else place an order on the company website to have the product delivered to your home on making the payment online.

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